All Natural Calendula Salve


All Natural Calendula Salve

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Our Calendula Ointment Salve is an All-Natural Way to Care for and Heal Your Skin

At Little Valley Haven, we understand the power of natural products made with love. That’s why our Calendula salve is so effective! From start to finish, we make sure that every ingredient that goes into our healing salve is beneficial for you, your skin, our animals, and the planet. By choosing our Calendula salve, you’re saying yes to healthier skin - and a healthier place for all of us to live.

We craft our Calendula salve by hand right here in Tennessee. For centuries, Calendula has been known as a skin-healing herb. When combined with the other ingredients in our salve, it’s beneficial for treating: 

  •   Psoriasis

  •   Minor Wounds

  •   Cuts

  •   Scrapes

  •   Chapped Skin

  •   Eczema

  •   Bruises

  •   Burns

  •   Bee Stings

  •   Rashes

If your skin is irritated, there’s a good chance our salve will help.

In addition to Calendula, we’ve added certified Tea Tree and certified Lavender essential oils for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Vitamin E is also added to the formula to provide extra moisturizing while also extending our salve’s shelf life.

It’s safe to use for your entire family! 

  •   All Organic Ingredients

  •   Non-GMO

  •   Handmade

  •   Take-With-You 1.5oz. Size

 Keep your salve out of direct sunlight and high heat